About Us

Markstone Farm slate sign - markstonefarm.co.ukOur farm was originally owned by Andrew’s grandparents who started their farming life in Lifton on the Devon/Cornwall border in the 50’s. Their farm was close to a granite mine at Markstone hence our name.

We started life on the farm in 2003 in a mobile home whilst we jumped through the planning hurdles to gain permission to build the house we have today. Fast forward some 16 years and a lot of hard work and we are pleased to be able to open Our Home in Devon to you.

Markstone Farm Winter scene - markstonefarm.co.uk

Our landscaping projects are still ‘Work in Progress’ and any gardening tips and ideas are most welcome!

sheep - markstonefarm.co.ukWe rear sheep and beef. The sheep are mainly Poll Dorsets – the ones with woolly faces! The breed is known for their hardly lambing abilities and good mothering traits. We usually lamb about 4 – 6 months before Easter the following year so that the lambs are ready for the Easter table – this can sometimes mean a very busy Christmas for us!

Cows - markstonefarm.co.uk

Our cattle are traditional British, slow growing breeds, mainly Aberdeen Angus or Hereford. We often rear bull calves that are from dairy cows.

Red Tractor - markstonefarm.co.ukWe are ‘Red Tractor’ Farm Assured and must adhere to strict Biosecurity requirements. Our own dogs are included within the Assurance assessments.

Because of this, we are sorry, but we are unable to accept guests’ pets to stay, which includes Assistance dogs. If this presents a difficulty for you in wanting to holiday in the South Hams, we would be happy to recommend establishments that do accept guest pets.

Farming activities
If you would like to see any of the farming activities, please ask and we’ll be very happy to show you around. Farms can be fun and interesting, but they can also be dangerous, so it is best that we come with you, rather than you go ‘exploring’ yourself.

The nature of our environment means that certain areas are not accessible for those with mobility challenges. The dining room is accessible, but bedrooms are on the first floor and therefore will present challenges to those unable to easily climb stairs. The farm is considered ‘Not Accessible’ at all to anyone with mobility challenges. If this presents a difficulty for you in wanting to holiday in the South Hams, we would be happy to recommend a local Bed & Breakfast establishment that does have fully accessible rooms.

We have ample off-road parking. We will be pleased to send detailed directions to guests, prior to their arrival, based upon their approach route. SatNav postcode is PL21 0SE. Our OS reference is SX70051 50896.

We are not licenced but you are welcome to bring your own wine and we can provide glasses, ice buckets etc.

Please note that we are a completely non-smoking and non-vaping environment – both indoors and outdoors. Thank you for your co-operation.

Markstone Stock grazing - markstonefarm.co.uk